MOS Burger

If you’re going to have junk food while you’re in Singapore, then this is one place you should definitely check out. MOS Burger is a Japanese burger chain, which offers a range of Japanese and Western style burgers and hot dogs, as well as fries, sides, and drinks.

If you are keen to try something different, you actually have two options other than a standard bread burger bun. If you are looking for a lighter, healthier option you can have a ‘Natsume Burgers’ which is essentially the regular burger insides, but wrapped up in fresh lettuce rather than being sandwiched between bread. The other optionĀ  is the rice burger, which simply uses two round slices of compacted sticky rice as bread instead of your regular burger bun.

There are many flavours of burgers including teriyaki chicken, yakiniku beef, ebi (crumbed prawn), fish, kakiage, and for vegetarians like myself there are Kinpira Rice Burgers or Korokke (croquette) Burgers which come in regular and curry flavour. Their signature burger is probably the MOS Cheeseburger or Spicy MOS Cheeseburger, which is a beef patty topped with a slice of tomato, a slice of cheese and a tasty minced meat sauce, similar to a bolognese sauce. While this burger can get a little messy when you are trying to eat it, is worth the effort.

The burgers are perhaps on the small size by Western standards, though McDonalds burgers seems to be getting smaller and smaller every year, so who knows these days. Keeping that in mind, a MOS Burger meals may not completely fill up a bigger eater, but it definitely makes a great afternoon tea, or a nice light lunch after a big breakfast.

Below is one of my regular meals at MOS Burger; a curry korokke burger, large fries, medium milk tea and a delicious apple pie.

When it comes to beverages, I recommend you try the milk tea as it is very refreshing, and the milk is served on the side so you can add more or less to taste. If tea is not your thing then I try a sugary grape soda, or a MOS thick shake (however these are only served in certain outlets).

The first MOS Burger store opened in Tokyo in 1972, and since then they have established a strong presence across south-east asia. If you are wondering how MOS Burger got its name;

‘M’ stands for Mountain – dignified and noble.

‘O’ stands for Ocean – wide and vast.

‘S’ stands for sun – vibrant and life-giving.

For a look at more of their delicious menu, please see

So if you’re keen to try a decidedly Japanese take on the traditional fast food burger joint, you should definitely drop into MOS Burger while you are in Singapore. With almost 30 outlets across the country, you should have no trouble finding one.